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Dad Gifts

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

My Dad's birthday is coming up. And one of the things we do in our family is give gifts. Many people give gifts during birthdays (some don't as I have learnt). Like a super cool mirror is a fun way to help Dad out in shaving and brushing his teeth won't seem like an obvious gift! But its so helpful! So let's get started!

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Speakers: Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – New and improved smart speaker with Alexa (Black) is excellent just as a speaker so if your father isn't a visual person then this would be perfect. It's great for listening to the news, the weather, music and other things.

Echo Show 5: I personally prefer a more visual medium which I would like to think my father would too. In my search for the perfect gift I thought my father would like, I thought of a photo frame, a digital clock and this is what I found and it seemed like an excellent choice. The Echo Show 5 - Smart display with Alexa - 5.5" screen & crisp sound (White) a like a mini frame you can keep on the table which displays the time, and content of your choice. After much thought and discussion (with my mom), this may be nice for parents who don't keep fancy phones. My Dad has a fancier phone than me, so maybe not.

That brought me to thinking a Phone Stand/Phone Wallet Combo: The Thinnest Vertical Phone Wallet and Foldable Phone Stand (Black), may be a better option its a wallet and a stand. I currently use this Phone Stand when I'm watching content.

Now this is more personal because I steal all my dad's handkerchiefs when I visit him (there is something super fun in stealing only your father's hanky's, isn't it) so I tried at time to replenish his collection Pure Cotton White (Set of 12), 6 Piece Men's Handkerchief Set - White

Of course given that my Dad drinks a lot of tea, a mug would also be a nice gift: My Dad Knows Everything, Great Indian Mug, Oye Happy Dad Mug, A self stirring mug was something I thought would be nice, but my Dad really didn't use it mostly because the inside of this mug is plastic so its no fun to drink tea in. Then even customized key chains are fun, I love my Dad, a Vintage The Greatest Dad Pocket Watch Key Chain may be appreciated.

Many gift combos are easy gifts a Wallet- Keychain and Pen Set (Blue) , Wallet- Keychain and Pen Set (black), or else grooming Sets - Park Avenue, Axe (with bag), L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Barber Club Kit (I love the leather bag, that comes with it, lol), An Electric Grooming kit is also a lovely gift.

Men's Colognes are a very big deal in many Dad's lives! I may need to do a separate blog for this one — but for now, remember to read the reviews for the cologne your buy because you can tell which brand or seller is selling fake perfumes. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau de Toilette For Men 100ml is my Dad's favourite but he keeps telling us its fake so we can't really buy it for him. My favourite is Cool Waters (Davidoff), Eternity for men, other brands like The Man Company and Ustraa for men are interesting products you can check out.

Other gifts could be a Tool box if your dad doesn't already have that and if you're into trophies the Best Dad Trophy, is perfect for collecting dust like the other trophies! I love these Best Dad Cushions: Black Tie, Super Dad and practical gift like a water bottle to keep water hot or cold is helpful. Some doctors say drinking small sips of warm water can help keep us in good health.

Incase you don't already own a Fire TV Stick — especially for retired Dad's watching content at your own convenience is always fun. A digital Photo Frame is something I have wanted for my parents since they were invented! Watches are wonderful gifts like this Fossil Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch, I love Casio Vintage Series Digital, and a Phone Docking Station to put your phone, watch, keys down is very useful.

Sometimes parents like to watch videos on the bed, so a nice bed table for meals and setting your beverage down is a nice thoughtful gift! Bed tables are nice but remember again to read the reviews because sometimes they aren't too steady so buying one that is more steady is better other wise it will be collecting dust like the trophy (lol). A Computer stand is also helpful there are ones which come with a fan as well Cooling Laptop Stand or this sturdy pink table or blue table

And finally something i would love to get my Dad would be bluetooth wireless headphones, mostly because i find them really useful. I can walk around when I talk, it helps me while Im in the middle of work. Brands of Bluetooth Headphones are Sony, Skull Candy(what I use), and other brands like Boat, We Cool, and other brands.

Hope this extensive list will help you find something you can buy your dad. If you're broke, don't worry, Dad's are the best, they will also be happy with a hug and a handmade card. That's just how Dad's are!


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