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My Rasathi Celebration | Trichy

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Music has no boundaries and this song emphasises this.This song felt like a celebration of my life, my freedom, my privileges to be able to take a flight and spend time with my family and do a little work and sight see a lot. Many women today don't have that privilege.

Turns out the composer of this song Santhosh Narayanan, is originally from Trichy which is also one of the reason for me to totally use this track to edit this video. But this is my jam song makes me wanna dance every time (I've heard this almost 62 times today)

I first heard this track which having breakfast at a hotel during my stay at Trichy. I loved it but because I don't know tamil I didn't do much. My husband (who knows that its not often I resonate so deeply towards a track) found the track. He saw the video and thought it was a perfect song for me. This track is more meaningful to me mostly because its what's I'm actually trying to do in life. Bringing meaning to women who have forgotten their identities mostly because after marriage I struggled with the same feeling.

This song is like that "more" power to you. It reminds me and other women (and men) that we are wonderful in the roles we do. Be it in cooking, cleaning, washing, being moms, wives, photographers, chefs, lawyers, doctors, in whatever age we are in. Really inspiring.

To those, this anthem Rasathi… you can and you will.


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