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This video was a fun recap although many of my adventures haven't really been captured in ways that I can display them.

My 2018 began with a vision board. I had watched a YouTuber (Sadia: Pick up Limes) who talked about that. I loved the idea, so I made one. My vision board didn't stay on for too long (it fell off the wall literally) but there were many things I did set out to do which I was able to begin, You Tubing regularly was one of them.

2018 was the year where I had multiple YouTube channels I completed Season 2 of Lolnite. Finished my documentary on The Kingdom of Bhutan, Started a new show called Shhh Don't Tell Anyone (completed season 1) as well as did my own personal YouTubing (has that become a word now?) unfortunately I became viral for all the wrong reasons, a haircut (or two) so I'm now boxed with the only comments coming at me which are "please cut your hair" or "please to be shaving your hair" (which is annoying). But now I feel the pain Bruce Willis feels when they come to him for yet another Die Hard. He must be like can I please do a film which will win be an Oscar?! For once! No Oscars for me, but definitely with that, no real plans to do anything dramatic to my hair (if I want my mother to continue to speak to me). Maybe I'll have Hairters now!

Apart from that, I created two courses the YouTube Course for young professionals, entrepreneurs and home school kids wanted to do more as well as a Basic Video Editing Course for newbies (and home school kids). Got an amazing insight to kids when I taught the home school bunch of kids which made me realise a lot of changes I wanted to make as a mom with my daughter (especially in education). Apart from weddings, and corporate work, and teaching the violin and composing music it was super fun doing a stint of editing with Those Guys for Fox. Quite a busy year it was!

Finally by the end of the year, we decided to have our own space (also on the Vision board, didn't think it would happen so soon) and moved to a more permanent set up for my work and my daughters school.

Now, not all that was on our Vision list was completed (how could it), however there has definitely been so much learning in 2018. We learnt so much about marketing: the wrong way (like Gadar: ek prem katha). I learnt about doing more with an online space as this year was the starting point of my own website and my moms website Padmini Kumar Designs. It's been wonderful having this space as well online to take my work forward.

So its time for 2019, this year our focus will continue to be quality over quantity however learning more about marketing will be more on the agenda. Will keep you all posted when there's more to share. For now dreaming small will be the agenda fro 2019. #dreamsmall

Thanks for journeying with me! Have a happy new year!


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