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Sang Adventures February 2024

I cannot help be inspired by David Bird's latest video with Lady Lotus Feeds the Birds little miss Lotus with her lotus pod gown.

Recently I met this amazing artist, Daniel and he told me about a weekly art meet up to draw and practice portraits this is the illustrations from that afternoon. It was fun

Frankentoon came up with an amazing brush set! So I did a review video for it.

with those brushes I created this scene from our drive from Dad's place... there are this cluster of birds sitting on the highway overlooking the ocean we cross when we leave Bombay island. I always miss them in the auto but today I got a small glimpse and thought I'd create a moment

And the biggest news of all! I got an electric bike (more on that later) but I did a featured video about it and captured my full ride on it (even with 3% battery on my phone).

So that was an overview of my adventures as an artist this month! Catch you next month with more!


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