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How to be a Successful Working Mom (with happy kids)

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

It's hard to be a mom and even harder to manage your day with work and being a mother. It's nice to have help from dad's but sometimes its all up to you and what you bring to your day. There are good and bad days for all of us, just because I've written this doesn't mean I'm a perfect mom, I too have days which I fail in, but i think this has helped me be a better mom. Here are 10 tips a working mom probably cannot live without which may help you in your journey as a mom.

1. A cup of Warm Water/Coffee/Tea

A must do for health and sometimes to open your eyes is a cup of hot coffee or tea. Ideally it should be hot water to flush your system but if you don't have the stomach for that then coffee or tea is a must. This burst of caffeine will help kickstart your day.

2. Meditation

No matter what faith you have, have a moment of silence in the morning to reflect on your life, the bigger picture is always important.

3. Exercise/Stretches

Now this is a hard one, but important. Many women have the discipline to do this faithfully, but women sometimes leave this on their last list. Not everyone has the luxury of having 1 hour everyday to hit the gym, however 20 minutes of Tai Chi, Yoga or Pilate stretches can also do the trick.

4. Light Breakfast

Many say breakfast is the most important meal, however a big breakfast can sometimes make you feel lethargic, so fill you tummy with just the right amount which will give you that burst of energy in the morning.

Breakfast Options: Granola, Cornflakes, Oats, Poha

5. Pre-Planned Snack During the Day

Snacking is important and planning healthy alternatives for your snacking is even more important. Homemade Granola Bars or nuts and seeds are perfect energy boosters.

Snack Options: Trail Mix, Granola, Fruit 

6. Keeping it Light

Children need to be loved and cared for, but there's nothing worse that the stress of your day getting to them. A simple smile and a "good morning" and "I'm proud of you" can take you far with the positivity in your day and your child's day.

7. Keep Phone Reminders

We are only human, and syncing your day into your phone (which is what you look at eventually throughout the day) helps feed your brain mental notes on what's next. even small reminders that its time to go to the park with your child after school can help get you into a routine.

8. No Helicopters Allowed

It's not like you can afford to be a helicopter mom, but trusting the people who are caring for your child while you're at work is important. When you leave home for work, trust that the school, your child's caregiver (even your husband) will do a good job taking care of your child. If you worry about your child while you're at work, you will surely never be able to focus. Focus on the present tasks and complete the.

9. Leave Work At Work

This is a hard, but important one. Try your best not to bring work home. It's hard to compartmentalise but Mom's sometimes don't have the luxury to do that. Once you're home, dinner, your kids, and other domestic responsibilities take precedence. This will also help you be more organised at work so you can plan your days better.

10. Love Overflow

Finally, this is a secret weapon for all working moms (and dads). Show your love in excess (emotionally not through material things). Fill your kids with positive emotions, that incase you do have pending work, your kids with have that love in reserve. Make sure you give your kids with enough attention that they aren't depleted and wanting more. This will ensure success daily.


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