Her Story

jack of all trades master of some

Her enthusiasm for unconventional has been the driving force professionally. Be it her support of independent musicians in helping them with their music videos & distribution to Spotify and iTunes (and other avenues), to her skill as a professional video editor, her ability to make any client feel comfortable at shoots in her role as a family portrait photographer, in her marketing website content and as her constant need to bring out positive parenting an as essential guide for parents


Sangeeta's parents have been well known media professionals with her singer, song writer, radio jockey, film director father or her celebrity manager and events coordinator mom, Sangeeta's childhood activities included being on a film set, pondering on the nuances of cinema and hanging out with Bollywood celebrities.  


Her education at Woodstock School shaped her mind into thinking laterally and St. Xavier's College gave her a platform to apply her creativity through the play she wrote and directed for Ithaca or her years being a part of Malhar College Festival.  


It was freelancing through college as a photographer and interning at USL studio for Steven Bernard which made her gravitate towards Editing and Photography today.


Her professional stints with Filmfare (where wrote for and eventually shot Indian and  International film personalities, along with her video experience with media houses and production companies like TV Today, New Delhi Television and CBN moulded her into the professional she is today.

Sangeeta has always used a Nikon and shoots her pictures and video on D810, D5300 and sometimes D80. Though she was trained on Avid, Sangeeta edits her own videos exclusively on FCPx and if need be composes exclusive music for the wedding edits. 


Her enthusiasm for unconventional helps clients get scripts, pictures and videos which stand apart.Her experience with handling events through her life made organising Photobooths at corporate events and personal celebrations possible. Sangeeta's print experience helped publish several coffee table book memoirs. 

Once Sangeeta got married she ventured into creating a home studio space and worked with several production companies doing their video editing, shooting and writing work, taught and trained at colleges and schools while being a full time mom.

Post marriage, she ventured into many modes; tried adding joy near her community at Vasai with Sang Homemade Joy but during the Covid19 lockdown her business stopped and so she moved into sharing recipes on her blog and creating videos to help kids with school at home on her YouTube channel and continued podcasting PLANETSANG.  

She's often heard asking why aren't there more hours in a day. This website is a one stop shop, where you can see some her latest work in photography and videography, read her blog and listen to her podcast.