Illustrated Undated Planner is a simple daily weekly planner with daily prayer prompts and weekly verses it has monthly inspirational stories with (a very important) DAILY meal planner BECAUSE figuring out what to cook is really half the battle won!! Monthly and Weekly Planner, Bible in a year, Inspirational Testimonies every month, Menu Planner (with meal ideas), Gratefulness and prayer prompts, Weekly Verse Inspirations, 3 TASKS a day prompts.

SWAMP FRIENDS by Sangeeta Angela Kumar

This is one of the many original bedtime stories Sangeeta created for her daughter (to help her sleep when she was a toddler). This story was inspired by one of her daughter’s science lessons where Sangeeta felt it was unfair how most swamp animals ate frogs and how strange it was that ducks ate so many items (including pebbles). This story made its’ debut on her podcast ‘Planetsang’ in February 2019 and in 2021. She began illustrating the story herself (as a daily art project).


This Anti Stress Coloring Book for Adults Teens & Children brings animals into your world. The illustrations take you into an imaginary world and give your favourite moments, jobs or passions! Enjoy De-stressing with Art Therapy where you can spend the little free time you have to get lost in colors to breath life into these lovely Animals.