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Animal’s in the World is an Anti Stress Coloring Book for Adults Teens & Children. 

Bringing animals into your world, the illustrations take you into an imaginary world and give your favourite moments, jobs or passions!

Enjoy De-stressing with Art Therapy where you can spend the little free time you have to get lost in colors to breath life into these lovely Animals.

  • Camel Binge
  • Disco Turtle
  • Dr. Panda
  • Lion Mode 
  • Cheetah Pop
  • Giraffe Fountain of Thirst 
  • Swan Swoon Time
  • Fox and Furious 
  • Farmer Llama
  • Chef Eagle
  • Crocodile Miss Sunshine 
  • Con-Duck-Tor
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Garden
  • Zebra Walk
  • Hippo Balloon Ballet 
  • Boarding school Monkey
  • Rhino Playlist 
  • Penguin’s Cuppa
  • Clown Fish
  • Whale Book Corner
  • Deer wins all
  • Swinging Elephant
  • Bear and the Butterfly
  • DJ Owl
  • Lab Rabbit


Each Design comes with a title which can (if you want) create a potential story lead to help you chose your colors. The designs also been labeled and assigned a *Beginner *Intermediate *Advance level.

Animals in the World (Digital)

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