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Media has become a way of life and having editing skills can come in handy in all walks of life. Learn the Basics of Video Editing, which is now available Online. 

Equip yourself with the skills to excel in your basic media projects, for school projects or develop in your hobbies.

This course is especially designed as a good starting point to help kickstart your passion for video creation.

Day 1: We give you an inside look at Video Creation with a Check list of Equipment and Shots needed. A brief look at Video Editing History. 

Day 2: Understanding different Video Editing technologies. Mobile Photography and Editing, PC Editing and Mac Editing. Looking at the steps of Editing with a VIDEO example of breaking Video Editing from start to finish and a look at Understanding Glossary and Terminology. 

Activity: Shoot a film and Import onto the PC or Mac or Phone (depending on what software you're using)

Day 3: Apply what you have learnt in class and do a practical edit of the movie shot during class. From 1.Organising Footage 2. Importing 3. Adding Music 4. Cutting to Music 5. Re-edit Draft and Tighten the Edit. Add Titles

Activity: Submit the Film via Dropbox/Youtube and Email Submission to

Enrollment Procedure:  
1. Buy this Online Video Editing Course WorkBook with a 3 day Video Editing Course Level 1 

Incase you're interested in receiving a hard copy of this workbook (which would have the stickers) you can email me for a free copy (since you've purchased this course already, you'll only have to pay for the shipping (disclaimer: depending on your country, shipping may be the cost of the course).  

Details for this course in hard copy are on also click here to check the shipping costs 


PDF Video Editing Level 1 WorkBook

  • There is no refund or return policy on this product 

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