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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

A thought just occurred to me after reading the news about the 40 kids and family members in Noida who’s birthday party return gift was getting the Corona Virus, if Corona Virus comes to Bombay and hits just 1 tightly packed local train— we may all be dead within a year.

So I podcasted on this topic. I had a lot to say about how we glorify our past and not live in the present. Listen in to the full podcast…

On others:

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So here are some practical tips to help you with doing your best to stay healthy.

1- BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY: to be unaffected by this virus and not die, one must have a strong immune system. Younger children and Older Adults are more prone to this virus however people with weak immune systems are also soft targets.

Having Ayurvedic and natural ways to boost your immunity has more long term benefits and the great thing is that this is generally good for your health.

Do the obvious things like don't smoke or drink. Eat well (veggies and fruits), exercise and get regular sleep. But the most important of all of these is washing your hands (giving this its own section, THATS how important it is) thoroughly. Products to Boost Your Immunity: Immunity Ayurvedic Capsule Price: ₹ 650.00, Natural Wheatgrass Juice Price: ₹ 449.00 among others

2- EDUCATED YOURSELF: There are many credible sources of information on the internet. Don't give into rumours and be quick to react. Who knows by the time you get it, there will be a cure. A few books on Amazon, like Wuhan Coronavirus: A Concise & Rational Guide to the 2020 Outbreak (COVID-19) Kindle Edition | Price: 357.00 (free with Kindle Unlimited). If you would want to read in-depth studies on this issue there are several books on this topic. Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid-19): Facts, Myths and Everything in Between....All You Need to Know About the 2020 Pandemic | Price: ₹ 923.00 (Kiddle Version )

my information is from reliable sources, WHO to name one Or any other disaster management agency but NOT Twitter Or even what’s app.

3- WASH YOUR HANDS: Sterillium 500ml | Price: ₹ 550.00 was what I used when my daughter was born. It's a strong disinfectant which is used in the top hospitals around the country.

4- WEAR A MASK: There are many masks online. If your medical shop doesn't have masks then there are many masks available. The one I bought is 2 Ply non woven surgical face mask,6 PCS SET with ear loop,great for air pollution,virus protection and personal health blue face mask. | Price: ₹ 60

5- BE ANTISOCIAL: This is a hard one, but, stay at home (as much as you can). You don't know where the people you're with have been. A carrier sometimes doesn't even know they have the virus and it can pass on to you. Don't travel in public transport (planes, buses etc), don't go abroad (even if its a honeymoon, or a conference or a meeting). The virus is rampant you don't want to get it but i'm sure you don't want the burden of being responsible of carrying the virus and killing so many people. If that man in Noida had stayed home, today so many families and children would not have been infected.

So dust your board games and your indoor activities and spend some quality time with your family because you don't know how long you have incase you do contract it.

Board Games which are great for Family Quarantines:

Taboo Price: ₹ 639.00

Battleship Price: ₹ 1,249.00

among others

Be safe.


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