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Customisable DIY Shelf

Finding a Customisable DIY shelf on Amazon which I totally recommend. For the kitchen, books, toys, clothes, the sky really is the limit when it comes to this shelf!

So we were struggling to get a shelf that fit perfectly in a small area in our kitchen and many of the shelves are super expensive and don't really fit into my aesthetic sense. So the hunt was on!

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When we moved to Vasai, I saw this rack but it was in black and I wasn't sure if I wanted black cages around the house. But recently I saw the white version and went ahead and ordered it!

It wasn't cheap but (was 2599₹) but we really needed a solution.

Once it arrived and was easy to assemble. In the pictures it looks like it can't hold too much weight but once we set it up it houses all my dals and kitchen knick knacks.

After assembling the shelve in the way we wanted, we had a few racks left so I made a smaller shelf for our shoes at the door! Loved it gonna order more instead of ordering an expensive shoe rack.

Amazon and it's pretty good and what I love about it is that its customisable — so incase you're looking for options while reorganising your home.

Price: 2469₹ (prices keep changing)

I thought this may be handy

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