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Inspired by 'Lead On'

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

There are many ways I get inspired. But musical inspiration is always the most deep. Maybe because my name is Sangeeta!

A few weeks ago, a friend was listening to this song in his car. I was floored by this artist called Stuart Townend and immediately went home and started binge listening to his music. One track stood out.

The beauty about inspiration is that you never want to waste any time. So almost instantly (it was the middle of the night) I took out my violin (dusted it off too) and started playing. I thought it would be fun to collaborate however realized over time collaborations need to be with people who share similar passions as you. Eventually with scheduling issues and technical flaws I was only able to collaborate with my super talented cousin brother in Italy.

He, like the rest of my family is a burst of talent — guitar, drums, bass, music engineering and he's a superb dad, husband and friend! So eventually with lots of time passing we ended up with this track.

Big thanks to Josiah Hefin for sharing my passion!

Thank you Noel Imti for joining but because of technical snags I couldn't include his bit. Thank you Derin who's car I heard this original song. And to my husband George who patiently found all the verses and airdropped them to me which I was editing.

Video Footage Courtesy : Pexels

Hope you enjoy this and are blessed by this.


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