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Meet Cute | Sang Art Studio

Today while we were coming home we saw this beautiful meet cute!! It was a man talking to his friend on a scooter with kid who loved all his identical puppies. Reality definitely was better than my sketch, but it was a moment I won't forget. These puppies had matching everything and it looked really cool! I came home and blocked the sketch (hoping to not forget that memory) using help from Lisa's character kit. I did add my fav Vespa into the scene and created a story of a meet cute. normally meet cutes are in Hollywood between a hero and heroine, but I thought what if a meet cute would also be with a dog and it's potential best friend for life! And that's when this idea was born. After blocking I reached the second stage of a sketch with fine tuning. And then finally used Calvin's water colors to roughly paint this scene. To give it its final look I added my completed drawing to Nathan Brown's canvas set to add some drama. Sometimes its easier to take out your camera but this time it was a memory that I wanted to immortalize in the form of a small watercolor to celebrate a moment that gave me joy!

Procreate Brushes & Paper Used for this

Calvin's Watercolor Set

Nathan Brown's ULT Canvas (Old Vintage Paper)

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