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The Imperfect Perfect Meetha Paratha

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

This morning I had other plans. There was sourdough bread in the fridge and I had no plans to make anything! I Had a busy day and didn’t want to cook at all!

My husband the helpful gentleman that he is— thought you would “help me” in the kitchen and made atta dough. He thought he was being the greatest husband in the world— He of course didn’t realize that making chapati dough on a busy day for me would mean I’d have to stop everything I was doing change my plans— as I saw it — he just added one more responsibility to my already long list of things I needed to finish by 10am.

Thankfully I didn’t get annoyed— (A divine intervention must’ve helped) I was able to see that he had shown love not in the way I may have valued because chapati wasn’t in my agenda for the day.

Now most women reading this would say ‘you idiot Sangeeta your husband made atta— be happy!’ But sometimes our needs are completely different from what we are getting. Don’t fret when that happens... I learnt and here’s why...

Of course wanted to encourage him (because there will be a day one day when I do want help making atta dough, lol) so I thanked him... and changed my plans. (This is the key)

I had no idea what I wanted to make... but I remembered simple joys of meetha paratha my mother would make for me as a kid. I thought my daughter has never had this before— let me try it. So I did— and as I was making it— I realized— sometimes changing your plans was just what you needed. I stopped my busyness and did something that wasn’t on my list and I was happier for it.

Making meetha paratha gave me joy and that joy stemmed from a small act of kindness I was able to appreciate because of my wisdom and perspective (over years of having dumb fights). Now Why am I sharing this with you. I think we all are so busy that we forget the joys of meetha paratha. In the vegan, non carbohydrate world — sometimes it’s important to not make things complicated. I learnt that lesson today.

My daughter is enjoying the parathas as I’m writing this... she has no idea about the life lesson I just learnt! Cause the paratha tastes good!


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