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Self Care, Women!

So ladies, social distancing has taken our beloved beauty parlours away. And at the risk of TMI there are many jungles that this century Tarzan may want to "watch out" for. Upper lips become moustaches, our arms and legs ache for hot wax, we do tend to get spoilt in the parlours don't we!

But have no fear I've got a few self care tips which will keep you going during this period. Now incase you're super desperate to look human (as I always joke with my parlour lady friends) There are many ways you can DIY your parlour at home. For Threading, the Wazdorf Eyebrow Face and Body Hair Threading emergencies this seems to be a handy tool, or if you prefer Veet Waxing strips (though this is sos). I think Epilators give you a better finish and razors and shavers are much more easier and faster in the shower but every woman has her preference and you should stick to the beauty regime you've been following for years.

But this is more than just putting you in pain to make you "look" more beautiful (thank you already are). I was inspired by Nora Jones' rendition of Patience she posted on YouTube mostly because until I saw her video, I never knew she had curly hair! My first thought was, "ha her hair stylist must be social distancing and this is really the way she looks." I found it very beautiful I don't know about others. So more than giving you tips on how to remove your hair with sugar and honey, I'm talking about looking within yourself and telling yourself you're beautiful, even with the upper lip of hair, or bushy eye brows.

And if you don't believe me, then look even more closely. Of course I'm no life coach and i'm not really qualified to tell you anything except appeal to you to love yourself (something many women struggle to do). So here are my practical tips on caring for yourself.

First, if you can, SLEEP early and sleep in. I'm not just saying this because all doctors are saying that sleep is a wonderful way to boost your immunity against any virus. But its also good for your skin, your heart (feelings and emotions). I've been struggling to sleep for a very long time but last night I slept early (in my world midnight is early to bed for me) and I woke up early morning refreshed (I haven't felt this way in a long time). Many doctors tell you that the golden period your body and mind needs to heal is between 1-3am before that and after that are bonus points your body gets. Many women don't get that period. So my first appeal to you for self care is get some sleep. If it means get a comfortable pillow, or lovely fitted sheets or curtains (which block the light) then do it. What helps me is drinking a warm cup of Chamomile tea in the night.

Second is when you wake up have WARM WATER or a large bottle of water. It doesn't just flush your system— but all your "morning cold" (which I have often struggled with in my life) will just vanish. I put on a kettle in the mornings, or drink from my favourite copper bottle which adds alkaline water into my system— which helps. My mom and my aunty always talk about having baking soda in the morning to alkaline your body. I do have a Unani medicine called Qurs Al-kaline which helps set my acidic levels.

Third- make sure you're having your BREAKFAST. I never use to be able to open my eyes without eating before I got married. But now I finish serving everyone breakfast, making lunch and snacks for the day and then I get a bite to eat. This is not good. Having a granola bar when you wake up helps, make peanut butter sandwich (I recently discovered this Peanut butter and it is divine and tastes good without jam). Of course there are options like Oats, and Cornflakes and porridge — today I made a Vegan snack (mostly because we didn't have eggs and couldn't find them) Cookies made with oat flour and almond flour with bananas — this is an excellent 'pick me up' before you get busy with your daily activities.

A granola helps me a lot — QUICK Homemade Granola Breakfast

Roast: Rolled Oats, Nuts: Cashews, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Pecan nuts in the oven for 180C and add a little (1 tbsp) Coconut Oil. Mix the roasted nuts and oats with Berries: Mixed Berries, Cranberry, Blueberry. Sweetener: Maple Syrup, Honey, Date Syrup and Seeds: Chia Seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds. Keep it in a Large mason jar glass and have for breakfast.

Fourth is have a LONG BATH. I know some may think "where is the luxury or time for that?" But even if you are able to swing a long bath once a week do it. I wash my hair once a week so that by default becomes a long bath. Make sure you aren't rushing through things. Steam yourself, soap your body and then scrub yourself with a brush, stone or a tough loofa (I bought a nice one made from natural fibres). Try your best to get your dead skin out (since you're not able to get that manicure and pedicure at the parlour). Wash your hair with a good shampoo and condition your hair too but then put on a hair mask (I use Luxless Professional Argan Oil mask). It helps to do all the scrubbing and toxins removing during the waiting period of the mask.

Fifth is LET IT BE : Let your hair be without product, or gel or mousse or spray. If its frizzy like Nora Jones enjoy the real you with fizz and all! Similarly let your face be. Of course, wash your hands and face, scrub it as well but avoid products like make up and serums, let it breath. Moisturise it and love it like its your skin! Oil your hair well, give it a massage during oil and use this time to pamper yourself. The other day I put oil on my daughter’s hair and my husband’s hair and pampered them as well but beauty wise enjoy being au natural.

Sixth is to continue EXERCISE, but indoors. Great ways to work out doesn’t always have to be outdoors. Getting your mat and doing Pilates are excellent for indoor exercise, the stretches are great for plus size women (i do them a lot), Tai Chi is also something that helps. A college pal taught me the 8 jewels long time ago and i find them like an all round work out for each muscle and bone in your body.I imitate my daughter’s school time with our day schedule so for PT today I put on Zumba which she loved. Hoola Hoops are fun in apartment set ups. And don't forget to BREATHE.

Seven BREAK THE PATTERN — find time to pursue something for yourself, it will make you happy. If you love to paint get your paintbrushes and papers and begin pursuing that, if you love sketching then do that, if you love baking and you never get time to do that, start. If you love blogging do that (I am). If shooting yourself on TIK TOK is your desire then do that! But make sure you pursue your joy because you don’t know if things are going to get worse you may as well make the most while you have your health and family nearby.

Eight have your Vitamins — our health is important and with a good diet and sleep and being happy, having a support of vitamins to make up for what you’re losing in your inability to buy leafy greens. I bought wheat grass juice and aloe vera juice for my smoothie base the other day. I have multivitamins and iron and b12 and Vitamin E — not just because post 30 we need to take care of the nutrients we put into our bodies but because Corona Virus as other diseases attack the immune system. Keep your immunity up.

There are many other things I’m sure you can do to “self care” but this is what I could think of. Be beautiful and be happy and enjoy this time — just as the sky is looking even more blue for the past few days, these days ought to be the perfect time to get your glow from inside out! STAY SAFE


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