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Top 5 Procreate Brushes | Watercolor

Brush overwhelm is a real thing and so I thought I should use my experience sharing my top procreate brushes in a new series on YouTube. This week I’m looking at watercolor brushes.

If you’d like to join me you can download the FREE procreate file (with paper), sketch and swatches from my Gumroad page click 👉🏼 HERE

This content does not include the brushes sets

Procreate Brushes Featured in this Video are available here: 👇🏼

Lisa Glanz: Aqua Real

Nathan- Ultimate Watercolor or another one of Nathan's which is fab - Master Watercolor

Georg Graf Von Walderdorff: 600+ Brushes Procreate BIG PACK or a larger pack MEGAPACK XXL: 2000+ Premium Brushes

Calvin Drifter Studio: Procreate Watercolor Kit

I've used these for two years now -- in my experience, these really are the best watercolor brush sets in procreate. Always my go to brushes whenever I need a quick illustration.

My favorite is Calvin's abstract round, fine liner and blending brush are game changers and the best thing is the community Calvin has built with his instructional videos. Try his paper textures they are phenomenal -- it will change the way you do digital art. Check out his store on Etsy

It's important to note that that this blog and video is not sponsored I'm just passionate about procreate and know that I wish I watched a video like this before investing in a whole lot of procreate brushes I hardly use.

Hope this helps you.


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