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Vasai - Bhayandar Ferry

Finally after years there's a connecting boat that goes from Vasai Killabunder Ferry to Bhayander Fish Market. I took t he last boat from Vasai and went across.

So this makes sense if you live in Vasai West and need to go to Bhayandar or Mira Road, but for people living in Vasai East and in my case needed to go to Kandivali this wasn't really practical.


6:00pm I started from my apartment took a rapido auto and it cost 198₹

6:30pm Reached Killabunder Fort Ferry called "Ro Ro Ferry" in searches. Took a ticket for 45₹ which was awesome.

Reached Bhayandar in about 30 minutes (more or less) which was a beautiful boat ride. The incline from the boat up to the main land is very steep. so walked that 45 degree ramp.

There were only two autos waiting. Thankfully he agreed to go to Kandivali.

8:30pm I reached my Dad's apartment and the auto costed 333₹

So it took a total of 2.5 hours and cost me a total of 576₹ so as an adventure it was nice but not a very practical approach because a first class ticket is cheaper and since I was going against the rush I would've gotten a seat as well.

Of course the advantage of taking your car or bike to Bombay from Vasai is HUGE. But I don't plan to take my bicycle through that because of the distances.


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