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I am always weary of where I buy my make up. With so many duplicate products in the market, it's hard to know what do choose from. Here are a list of 10 make up products and accessories which I love and have been on my Wishlist. I love that you can buy these on Amazon, and they don't burn a hole in your pocket.

1- Make up Brushes - Most make up brushes I have bought at stores especially at the infamous beauty shops around my city eventually begin to break down over time. I find these PINK Kabooki Brushes sets economical and long lasting.

2- Especially when you travel or need a bag to carry your basic make up this vanity case is perfect. It's not a large size but its cute and can fit all the products you need for your basic make up needs.

3- A make up mirror is perfect for areas in your apartment and home where the lighting isn't great for putting on your make up. A wonderful mini glam addition to your make up process.

4- A perfect brush that helps you apply your liquid foundation, this compact and economic foundation brush unlike high end brand brushes is a perfect addition to your make up kitty.

5- I have always admired make up artists with their pouch of brushes. These golden brushes aren't just the perfect glam addition — they roll up into a small pouch and safe space on your make up counter, as well as keep your brushes dust free.

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6- Now if you live in a small space and don't have the luxury of having a complete dresser to yourself this is a life saver. Although, to be fair I had a vanity case like this even when I had a dressing table. This is your ultimate storage to protect your make up from dust and getting lost (keeps everything in one place)

7- Of course if you're into DIY and really want a bigger light set up in your bathroom with led lights around your mirror so its easier to do your make up, have no fear a more customisable light kit is here. What's nice is that it can fit into a round, rectangle oval or any size mirror set up.

8- If you're really advanced and into make up then this is the perfect addition to your make up kit, a mixing palette. This is mostly used for mixing dark and light tones of foundation and lipstick to match your ever changing tone and colours.

9- Eyeshadow Shields are great when you're focussed on doing more than one shade on your eyes, amazing for the smokey look but its a great product to protect your foundation from spreading eyeshadow residue and gives a great definition to your eye make up — for artists its like masking tape which is skin friendly, works well with under the eyes too

10- An eyelash curler takes a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of using it regularly with your make up you see the benefits and the dramatic change your eye lashes get once you curl them. I use mine for special occasions when I want my eyelashes to stand out.

Obviously there are more products you can check out, but these were just things that I wanted to feature.


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