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Birthday Party Tips

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I'm really into birthdays. Maybe its because I'm a Christmas baby and that I didn't get two birthdays so I compensate my excitement and go really big on Christmas.

So it would be understandable if I went all out for my child's birthday

I just edited her 6th birthday video and realised that I needed to make a compilation of her birthdays so 1-6 here they are

So it began with her birthday which I edited three days after delivering.

Then the monthaversaries came (which I won't post) it was one video every month to celebrate the date she was born but this was her birthday video where we posted the invitations (via Indian post) and on her birthday released balloons and origami birds with hanging gas balloons with her pictures from her year,

Second year was a travelling birthday at Mahabalipuram. George had a school reunion to attend.

Her third year again was in transition when we moved from Bhopal to Thane

Zoe's 4th birthday was in Thane and the theme was: "Red" as she had wanted. But we had a Samosa Chips Vintage party

Now as she grew up and hit five, so did her exposure to life and Netflix. So we had a My Little Pony : My Little Zoe party:

And her 6th birthday was a super hero inspired party with her favourite Wonder Woman birthday

So I realise that as hard as it is to outdo the previous years, Ive learn a lot of short ways to throw a birthday party without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Plan in advance (like REALLY advance, I start 6 months before)

2. Use websites like Ali Express (to order in advance), or Amazon

3. Closer to the date, explore local discounted markets like near the railway stations (in India) or like Crawford market (in Bombay). To get discounted prices

4. Use Pinterest for inspiration and ideas

5. Make sure you enjoy yourself and don't get stressed (even if stress will be plenty to go around)

6. Remember who this is for… your child so make this enjoyable for them too (get them to help)

7. Be realistic with the snacks kids don't like gourmet and adults need more than finger food. Create a balanced mix of snacks for kids and adults.

8. Print the expensive decorations: there are many websites that give free templates and sometimes even themed decorations for free. There are several ways to print you own templates and use them as decorations.

9. If budget permits have a Photo Booth for the kids for keepsakes

10. Photo and Videography your adventures and the party for posterity trust me you'll want to reminisce.

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