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Captian Marvel and Women's Day Adventures

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I knew I wanted to watch Captain Marvel. We even pre booked our tickets on Monday, however there was some confusion on the payton app, so we lost our perfect seats. Note to self, Monday of Endgame book sooner.

Giving up all hope that we would get the first day first show tickets, we decided to take a drive one day to Wadala and see when the best tickets would be available and to our glee, they had just opened up a new show at 6:10 in the morning and we got our favourite seats.

Then there was the problem of travelling. We tried to ask many friends if we would be able to stay over at their place, but all doored were literally closed. But we had tickets for Captain Marvel and we were so happy about it.

I think as a person who works from home (my freelance jobs), and works at home (homemaker) I miss the gush of adventure. Nothing beats the wind on my face at 4:00am in the morning. I was elated. The stars were still out no sign of the sun, wading through the traffic to get to the theatre one hour before the movie is another level of joy.

The movie started and it wowed us at so many levels that it prompted an impromptu feeling of sharing with the world that I loved the movie. The previous night some fool wrote a troll-type article about the movie not being any good so I admit I was afraid. But all my fears disappeared as the movie progressed.

After that, we got asked by an ANI reporter to give a reaction of the movie. And I actually was at the other side of the camera (which was fun)

The rest of the day was shooting for a project and then shopping (since we were in Town). What a wonderful day which ended with me going home to visit my parents and chilling with them!

Had such a great day, after ages!


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