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Content Creation from home

Here's the LIVE session I did earlier, with everything from what you need to prep with before heading to shoot videos from home to equipment you need to what apps I use to post on social media. 

Looking at Ideating, Understanding who your audience is and then moving to the technical with a focus on Video, Audio and Lighting and ending it with Apps which help create graphics, slides and thumbnails to make your work from home experience easy.

Do the Content Creation Course on Udemy:

Here's a Check LIST with (Affiliate Links) To Help WEBCAM Basic: Mid Range (1080p): Pro Level (4k):

AUDIO MICS Basic: OmniDirectional: Mid Level: (Rode Mini Mic the one I use for Podcasts and Videos from Phone) Pro Level (Studio Mic connect to computer NOT phone):

  Links For International Friends  WEBCAM:  Basic Webcam:  Mid Level 1080p:  4k Quality Webcam: Audio: Basic Mic:

Mid Level: Pro Level Audio Kit:   Lighting:  Ring Light: LED Light (with Color Temperature)


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