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Updated: Jan 30

Have you ever thought your could be a composer and arrange an original track in under 15 minutes. Then this course is perfect for you.

This class is perfect for content creators on social media who don't always have a budget to buy music. If that's you then read on!

A little background, so when I got my mac in 2008 Garage Band was a free app. I didn't really know how to use it but as time went by, I started experimenting with loops. I created a few beautiful tracks for my youtube videos to avoid getting content strikes and the rest is history.

So in this skillshare class I'm sharing my secrets with you. Teaching you how I create themed music, slow romantic track, upbeat music, hip hop music (in under 15 minutes) so your content gets a fresh unique feel every single time.

We don't always have a budget for music and I love that creating a sound perfect to what you want. For musicians this is perfect for you to get your sound out.

Clicking here to activate your FREE premium SKILLSHARE ACCOUNT and access this course for free.

I hope to see you in class.

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