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Crisis Management

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Today was my 8th wedding anniversary and if you’ve been married for more than 6 months and you’re a normal abnormal person like me then 8 year anniversaries look like:

1- a fun selfie (5 seconds)

2- me editing it with a before and after shot for social media (20 minutes)

3- a meal together while you talk about your challenges

4- Lunch which for us was instant noodles with egg and cheese toast (the quickest meal in the world)

5- Then off to bed for the rest of the day for my husband because he has night shift

6- Me spending the rest of the day binge watching videos on North Korean Defectors, because that’s my escape.

That said, this week was quite a crazy roller coaster: It began with my daughter getting fever on Sunday and continuing to have viral the whole week. When your child gets sick most of the time it’s about giving the most relief you can. But if we get real for a second, many times even if you are a parent, you can’t even relieve them. Like my daughter had a headache and even after going to the doctors taking her medicines the headache never stopped. she looked at me … because she still thinks I have all the answers and solutions in the world but i didn’t and all i could say is “suffering is a part of life” and things like at least we will appreciate days when we’re not sick. She had 104 fever and all i could do was what my grand mom did for me when i was a sick, cold water sponge to lower the temperature. I did that so many times and the fever kept coming back!

Whew what a week its been… thankfully we found a good doctor and all is well however the world really stands still when your child gets sick.

There was one of those days when i had an edit, an article to write, bake cookies and be a full time mom. I wasn’t sure I would be able to pull it off, but by God’s grace I did. That day I swept, swabbed, cooked meals, was a mom for a sick kid, baked cookies, wrote an article and edited. I started at 3am in the morning and ended my day at 1:47am the next day. So basically super mom

But in one of the moments i was trying to relieve my daughters pain and she very directly told me mama if you press my head this way I’ll feel better. I was in shock because I still see her as my little baby so I kinda teased her saying “oh you’re going to tell me what I need to do” and she gave me a dead blank look like “yeah!” and that suddenly hit me.

She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. This immediately put me in new territory. Now being a parent and especially a mother you’re constantly growing and learning new things every day. Like my daughter went through a phase where she needed a 20 minute hug every day before she could process her morning. It took a little getting used to but I worked my schedule around that so I was available for that when she needed me, and randomly she stopped one day because she was secure and didn’t need me to reassure her. That again took getting used to.

There are many instances like that as a mom when you learn quickly and then the expectations of parenting suddenly change.

Immediately, that moment inspired me to start a mom group to guide, share and pray for each other when it gets hard to wrap around these changes. I mean I’ve been blogging off and on with my superduperma blog but with this moment came an idea to start a community where Christian moms could have a safe space to come together to share and pray for each other.

So I did what I do best, I went to gmail and made an email account and went and created a website and was born. All this while my daughter recovered but it was more meaningful because I felt it was planting a seed in people’s hearts that even if they would be able to come to Vasai for the lunch they could start their own potluck sharing and praying times. (well that’s what i’m hoping for). To encourage moms.

But the lesson I learnt this week really were that even if you’re sleeping 3 hours a day for 6 days… inspiration can be born! And if North Korean defectors can find joy and eventually be happy, we all have a lot of hope!

To Listen to the Podcast (which basically says the same thing)

This episode is about how a week filled with challenges can teach and inspired you to make an impact in your community and plant to seeds of growth not such for you but for those around you.


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