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Essentials Shopping

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

So we're on LOCKDOWN mode. And though a few local shops are open many essentials can be home delivered.

I'm enclosing a list in Amazon for Essential Items (but check if they deliver to your area)

Breakfast Essentials: Amazon doesn't have the same products available as normal, like milk cartons certain brands are not available at this time.

Urban Platter Soy Milk Powder, 400g [Vegan, Non-GMO & 49% Protein] Price: ₹ 364.00

Red Label Tea Leaf, 1kg Price: ₹ 430.00

Nutella Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa, 290g Price: ₹ 316.00

Sundrop Peanut Butter, Creamy, 924g Price: ₹ 285.00

Kissan Mix Fruit Jam, 500g Jar Price: ₹ 180.00

Betty Crocker Complete Pancake Mix, Original 500g Price: ₹ 189.00

Lunch & Dinner Items: Amazon doesn't have the same products available as normal, like certain oil or pans but some products depending on where you live can be delivered. The brands available are mostly Organic products so if you're into a a super healthy lifestyle this is where you will get your products here.

SHRILALMAHAL Empire Basmati Rice (Most Premium), 5 kg | Low Glycemic Index | Gluten Free Price: ₹ 799.00

Some of these links are affiliate links, I may earn a percentage (at no cost to you) this goes to support my writing work, video and content creation online



Pro Nature 100% Organic Cashew Nuts, 100g Price: ₹ 200.00

Baking: Hershey's Cocoa Powder, 225g Price: ₹ 202.00


Girnar Detox Green Tea - Desi Kahwa (36 Tea Bags) Price: ₹ 330.00

Red Label Tea Leaf, 1kg Price: ₹ 430.00

NIVEA Shower Gel, Frangipani & Oil Body Wash, Women, 250ml Price: ₹ 148.00

Menstrual Cup for Women- 1pc (Large, 30ml) with storage pouch Price: ₹ 413.00

Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads - 44 Pieces (XL Plus) Price: ₹ 375.00

Pee Safe Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads (Pack of 10, Overnight) Price: ₹ 299.00


Dignity Magna Adult Diapers Medium 10 Pcs, Waist Size 28"-45", (Pack of 3) Price: ₹ 830.00

Lifree Large Size Diaper Pants - 10 Count Price: ₹ 441.00


Huggies Wonder Pants Diapers, Large (Pack of 64) Price: ₹ 755.00

Huggies Wonder Pants Diapers, Small (Pack of 86) Price: ₹ 755.00

Huggies Wonder Pants Diapers, Medium (Pack of 76) Price: ₹ 755.00

Nestle Nan Pro 1 Infant Formula, Upto 6 months, 400g Price: ₹ 595.00

For Bombay Big Bazaar

Hope this list helps you in providing your needs.


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