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Home Studio Set Up

Whether you have online classes, work from home set up, YouTubing, beauty blogging or content creating — having a reliable set up at home with good quality visuals and audio is important. I'm here to share a few tried and tested elements I add in my home studio as well as a few updated tips and tricks I've learnt during this quarantine lockdown period.

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Home Studio Set Up: Here's a look at setting up a basic mode for having clear video and audio from home. A Webcam, Mic are two prerequisites for most home studios. A mini tripod to put your mic or phone (if you choose) is also important.

Please note: that buying a webcam isn't always necessary, one can use their smart phone as a webcam with the correct software (check Below)

Mic options are cheap to expensive online, and would be a good investment for your home studio. Having a Gaming Mic may not give you quality but its a basic price for setting up a basic studio set up. But a mic is always a good investment.

There are options for all mics, webcam and tripods. I'm sharing the most common and cheaper options, however since the reviews are mixed my advice would always be check the reviews and then buy your products.

MIC Price Range:

LOW RANGE: 399₹ (with 2 year warrantee)

MID RANGE: 2999₹

HIGH RANGE: (Rode) 10,999₹

My opinion would be always buy a brand (logitech is expensive but more reliable)

So here's a list of WEBCAMS you can do a comparative:

Low Range: 1899₹

Mid Range: 2399₹

High End: 37750₹ (but this is 4k)

But before you invest its always wise to look at all the options available. Recently I discovered a way to use your phone as a webcam. So incase you're feeling adventurous and technical (it does take a little setting up)

For PCs users: Download : on your desktop

And fine the Google Play Store Version of the same App (has in-app purchases).

I watched this video and found this YouTuber very helpful.

He has a version for iPhone users too:

Where You Download:

Incase you live in a dim lit room, it is also important to get a source of light — I would always say rely on window light but if that's not possible (I don't always have light near my computer) A basic light is always handy. Earlier LED lights were inaccessible but now there are loads of options. Recently I bought a ring light which came with a phone holder and a light modulator we use that as our lamp too!

Ring Light Options

LOW RANGE: 999₹ (10 inches)

MID RANGE: 1249₹ (18 inches)

HIGH RANGE: 4799₹ (19 inches)

Stabilisation: I keep talking about this mouth but i really can't do anything without this in my home studio. I keep my mic and phone (both vertical or horizontal mode). This isn't a tripod, but what you can add onto your tripod.

But if you're looking for something more fancy and something that can track you while you talk (and you have the budget) I will highly recommend the OSMO 3 gimbal which is not the latest one but it was really cool in terms of helping you with your focus especially if you're shooting alone.

Hope this list of prices and recommendations has helped you and you can find the best solution to your needs in your Work from home set up.

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