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How to Podcast

Podcasting is such a great way to communicate with the world what you want to say. Whether its value adding into your content, updating your follower and friends, pushing your brand, or giving vital information to your audiences.

Earlier Podcasting was tough. You'd have to pay and sign up with websites and things would be very technical plus you would have to go through agents to get your podcast on iTunes and Spotify. (Being in India we don't have too much access to getting out content out there).

Last year I discovered a friend's podcast. I really wanted to on iTunes and Spotify and I was super impressed that there was a way to do that without spending too much. is the platform which allows you to create a podcast for free. You do have a waiting period before you get featured on itunes and spotify and other mainstream podcasting sites, but 51 podcasts later, I have to say its been amazing.

Now there are ways Non Indian's can incorporate sponsors on but in India those facilities are not available. But the site is easy and give you the option of recoding.

Check List

Stand: Mobile-Mic Video Rig Price: ₹ 1,787

Connector: Audio Splitter Converter ₹ 199

Step 1

1. Download/Log On to

2. Create an Account

3. Download the app on your phone and Log in.

4. Click on Set up give your Podcast a Name, Description and Your Photo (or your Brand)

5. Once the Podcast is Set up. Click on the Right corner and select "New Episode"

6. Scroll Down to TOOLS (plus button) Which will ask you if you want to record an episode. Click on Record and begin your Podcast Journey. (you can't pause and continue recording on your app it has to be in one go)

7. Once you're done recording your voice, you will have the option of adding free music for the tone and theme of your podcast. Chose your track and add that if you'd like.

8. Once you've finalised your recording and added your music— You need to save that. 9. It will give you an option to Publish the track, say NOT YET and UPDATE details for your podcast. Episode Details, Title, Thumbnail. Many of those are self explanatory. Fill all those details.

8. Once you have updated and are ready to go LIVE, click on PUBLISH.

Note: You can record your podcast and upload the files onto Anchor.

After that the sky is the limit!

Happy Podcasting, let me know if you'd like more.


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