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Mandala Art and more

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

My 2022 begins slowly with the first week going in delivering last minute journals. This week we all got sick and I was a little worse, bed ridden for most. As I got better I went back to the iPad and started my favorite activity, learning!

I first did my favorite skillshare class with Brenda but challenged myself a step more by drawing in Black n White! (that was fun). I capture this in this timelapse.

And then did the Mandala class

And truthfully this was hard because the teacher was doing a different painting approach to the mandalas which i liked quite a lot! This reminded me of the same teachers class which I did last year

I find learning really stimulates my brain especially on days when I'm low on energy or feeling uninspired. Its been super nice learning from different people around the world too. As 2022 begins, and you're wondering how to add some additional skills into your life, feel free to try skillshare out. It really helped me fine tune my art work and styles and I learned some valuable tips which helped me in my illustration work last year.

to get one FREE month of Skillshare.

Hope things are going well with you, I started my teach challenge program this week but because of my amazing vocal loss, my first 2022 class may be on hold, lets see. Thankfully blogging is writing!

Thanks for tuning in! Will catch you soon!


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