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Maternity Shoot Preps

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

There are many pregnant women who need guidance on how to pose for their maternity shots, where to get great props, or dresses.

So here's your one stop shop to the essentials on what to buy for your upcoming maternity photoshoot. 

Firstly don't over buy props. Ask your friends who have shot maternity pictures if they have props or even dresses to spare. If you have a generous friend(s) all you'll need to do is restyle it differently.

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But in the case of the need for control over what you have and what you can use later on (maybe to spice things up after the baby) then here's a list of essentials with links which gives you an accurate idea. Like the black tang top is totally reusable so is the body suits and off shoulder dresses. (Ahem I'm still wearing and using many of my maternity outfits mostly because they are so comfortable even now).

My list as a photographer is the same for all clients.

3. Very Formal Flowing Gown

5. Black Body Hugging Jump Suit or Black Pencil Dress

Hair Accessories

hair flower : Rose Clip

Hair wreath: Crown


From props to other elements to make your shoot more personalised.

Props in Photographs

The fun thing about props are that they can be used in your shoot and for your baby announcements as week as for your baby shower.

Balloon Boxes: Perfect for setting the tone of your shoots again can be used in your shoot, baby shower and baby announcement photoshoot

Snow Spray: This doesn't photograph too well and there are many photo effects which can bring are better effect on picture. But incase you have kids who are a part of the shoot this is fun activity fo them to spray (maybe at the end of your shoot) for a nice BTS moment!

Bubbles are my favourite as a photographer, they bring such a lovely effect in pictures. Getting a LARGE bubble hole is advisable because they photograph really well. But given that you're taking multiple shots, having a bubble machine is more fun. Now it is a little costly but this machine could be reused every time you have a birthday party or a photoshoot (my opinion, its worth it). Of course a bubble wand with multiple holes is also good.

Confetti is super fun during a maternity shoot because it just adds so much beauty there are coloured balloon confetti which you can use in your backdrops and then pop (from the top) there are single coloured confetti balloons too again you can use both as a prop and finally burst it. I would not recommend small confetti because it doesn't shot up as well in photographs.

Essentials for Maternity Shoots to make your partner comfortable

Pillow To Rest on

Maternity Makeup needs to be natural but with full coverage which means even the natural look needs to be heavy. At first sticking to lighter tones, and then building the colours up as the shoot progresses. Stick to a more earthy dewy look to enhance a glow that even if you don't have while you're shooting, the photographer can enhance in post productions.


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