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Miso-Wakame Soup

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

So since I've been learning about macrobiotic cooking and yin and yang for your diet. One of the cuisine which is great for giving a balance to your meals is Japanese Food.

Yesterday I made a simple Miso Soup with Wakame seaweed and it took me less than 5 minutes. So here's the recipe with some affiliate links if you'd like to buy the products.


INGREDIENTS: Water, Miso, Wakame and any condiments you'd like to add. No need to add salt (Miso is pretty salty).

RECIPE: Boil Water, add Wakame (which would expand into deep green seaweed), if you'd like the drain it you can but I generally don't.

ASSEMBLY: Pour hot water into a bowl, Add a few wakame (a large pinch is good enough), after which add a spoon of Miso per bowl. Then you can add any extras into the bowl. I added a small handful of finely chopped spring onions, sometimes if I have silken tofu that I chop that into tiny pieces and add them too. Once the miso paste dissolves into the hot water, your soup is ready.

Non Veggify: Add Fish Sauce for Added Flavour

PLEASE NOTE: Miso should never be cooked, since its a probiotic, all the nutrients will go with cooking.

Nutritional Benefit:

Miso is rich in essential minerals and a good source of various B vitamins, vitamins E, K and folic acid. As a fermented food, miso provides the gut with beneficial bacteria that help us to stay healthy, vibrant and happy; good gut health is known to be linked to our overall mental and physical wellness. Source: BBC GOOD FOOD

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Wakame Seaweed

1. Low in Calories and Rich in Nutrients

2. High Iodine Content

3. Support Proper Thyroid Function.

4. Reduce Blood Pressure and Heart Disease Risk.

5. Benefit Heart Health by Lowering Cholesterol Levels.

6. Cancer-Fighting Properties.

7. Decrease Blood Sugar and Improve Insulin Resistance

8. Aids Weight Loss.

Incase you're not interested in buying the raw ingredients and you want the super fast packeted version of this recipe: National Foods & Beverages Instant Miso Soup Price: ₹ 350.00 + 65.00

These links are affiliate links, I may earn a percentage (at no cost to you) this goes to support my writing work, video and content creation online.

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