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Music Monday: Methodology

When my toddler was ready to go to school I presumed all schools were brilliant like my school (Woodstock School, Mussoorie) and taught sports and music in their extra curricular programs but not only do schools today make these activities chargeable, most of the these activities in the cities are limited. I always knew I wanted my child to

play music but even if I had budgets for teacher, I hardly have the time to keep shuttling her around to different courses. I needed a one stop shop to teach aid where I thought schools were lacking. I have always been an appreciator of home schools but I'm not too social to give my child social exposure if she was homeschooled with me.

So I devised a plan which included the best education through formal education which came with classmates, teachers, language classes, school uniforms and homework and a support system at home where we would fill gaps to hopefully enhance what she was learning.

Homeschooling puts a lot of importance on learning science from a pre-primary age. I loved that. So in our home, as well as school, my child has different days or the week for different activities. Monday is called Music Monday, Tuesday is for Art (and craft), Wednesday is for Maths, Thursday is for all that is within the Science world and Friday is for Reading.

I love that there are real live study techniques as well as apps to support me as a parent for my kids. I did a video on the apps I used for my kids in my video on apps on my phone. Homeschool Friendly Apps for a 5 year old: 8:39 and 23:07.

Now that you have a context to why I'm doing this video, I wanted to share my methods this week. These are inspired by teachers I have had, articles I have read and videos I have seen.

So on Monday Music Day, after school and having a snack or some time to unwind we start listening to different genres of music. In that my child claps, or dances to the rhythms. This isn't just to expose her to the world of music but its also to allow her to see the similarities with music that otherwise would be poles apart. (most songs are 4/4). After that we look at the physical Instrument right now its the piano, and its keys (lovely free piano resources below). Especially in the piano. understanding the language of music which brings us to getting an idea about the notations. This is easier than it looks since its just like learning a new language which is really easy for kids. I started simply by labelling C,D,E,F,G,A,BC on the wall so she has reference to follow. Many people add stickers to their piano's but right now I'm trying this method where she will have to look up at the notes to figure our what she's playing (a good practice to note reading later on). Below are videos to help you in your journey as a parent. I especially love teaching notations through skittles, or raisins and having them as treats for your kids after they are done.

I haven't done the notes on the bar acitivity yet but will be starting soon. But notes are important in learning music, especially in learning to play instrument long term. Once we're done with those parts recently I discovered Piano Dust Busters 2 which is really excellent because its a game and allows your child to play songs with the game. (There are many games like that now) I'm currently till on the free version but once my child shows that she can stick to learning the songs, I'll buy the app.

Treble Staff (Free to Print)
Treble Staff (Free to Print)

Piano Resources I use (FREE)

Some of the resources I have used to get started on piano is also available on which I've been an ardent fan of.

Their FREE printables are the best


I COMPILED MY MUSIC DAY CHECK LISTS INTO A POSTER which is available for FREE on TpT Click on the picture to Download it for FREE.

It sums up a plan you can work around to give your child the guidance at home to start music in a way that prepares them for classes (if you chose), it will also give you a realist look at whether your child is interested in music (so you don't waste their time or your money to enrol them into something they most definitely would not value).

1- Listen and Interact, Listen to Different GENRES of Music, Play along the pulse/rhythm with drum/drum sticks/Piano/Recorder, CLAP, Dance, Jump to the Beat

Apps (rhythm) Easy Beats, Metronomes

2-Understand the KEYS on the piano, what are the 7 natural notes, Sing the notes on the piano C-f-g-A, Play the drums to a beat Assigned

App: (to read) Notes-Learn to Read Music, Flash note Derby

3- Focusing on Pitch (naming notes), Rules and Language of music, Naming the notes, understand the symbols

Apps (notations) Duster Buster2, Ilovepiano, Treble Cat

Hope these Monday Music Day Poster helps you get your child into the music mode. I know this has really helped us.

*FREE* Day plan: Poster


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