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So we're already on the 10th of January and I can already tell that like last year, this year may wiz by! I have a small present for you my lovely readers. As the year ended (and if you remember my last blog post) I began with new endeavours. I didn't realise how many more endeavours I would get into but this new year has brought a lot of new possibilities for me.

Thanks to me being unwell for so many days, I was able to channel my energies (not standing in the kitchen counter all day and all night but) understanding how to use my God given talents to use.

Now if you know me, and that too well, you would know that my biggest joy is giving and enhancing people's lives. So this year as I was learning my way through creating digital resources I thought it would be fun to give away my 2021 Digital Journal to my faithful readers! So here's your opportunity! So if you're interested in received this amazing 95 page planner which is both PDF and Goodread formats (for iPad and apple pencil users). Then this may help you as you journey this 2021!

On another note, today while updating my Etsy Store (Yes, huge announcement that I'm on ETSY now) I realised that it may be fun to come back to Instagram to profile my art work as I begin designing more things! Let's see! Seems promising!

Catch you later with more updates


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