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The year is coming to an end and many of us are sick of the famous 2020 tag. Being a realist my bubble burst a week post March during the lockdown when WFH and School from home started that life would look like this more permanently for longer than a year.

Not to burst your bubble, but i think the theme of the year (apart from coping the tragedies we've faced) has also been a year of 'reinvention'.

We reinvented the way we worked, the way we went to school, the way we communicated with families to name a few. I was always "work from home' but this year brought a lot of anxieties with health and the amount of work at had from home now that I was not just mom and wife but school teacher for all subjects (including the dreaded languages which I thought I left behind in school) and Maths and Science (the horror for an arts student). Cooking took over working as there were no more quick meals I could shove into a tiffin box and truth be told I struggled most with time management.

This year's Christmas gifts (that I forced to be gifted to me) were diaries and prayer journals which would help me stream line by time and day not just in my walk with God but as a embrace my day. I especially would like to mention this interesting diary which i discovered sitting in Amazon called TINY CHANGE which eventually because my birthday gift. I call it my "remote" life coach! I'm excited to get into that from day 1 of 2021.

Another Christmas/Birthday gift which my husband, daughter and I share (thanks my parents for enabling us to get this) was our updated iPad. Our mini is still working but now that we've had some time to enjoy the iPad we are happy we upgraded.

I've always been into design were it was my role as indesign text "corrector" in Filmfare for both my stints (thanks Meera) or else in my blogging, photography and social media interactions. When I got my phone, it became more a mini laptop where most of my thumbnails for my youtube video were created on my phone. (Thanks Over).

Procreate (the iPad drawing app) as well as Sketches, Paper and recently Fresco have been integral parts of my life. But more recently since the upgrade I've been posting my adventures with these apps. Now let's get to the point… recently (like two days ago) I thought it would be fun to create an app. I saw a youtube video of a Font Maker whose fonts I have been buying for years (no one really gives too much though about the identity of font makers). And so I decided to dabble in font creation.

Sweep is my first font and I've finally profiled it not only on my website but also on which is probably the place I get a lot content from. I'm proud to say that my new endeavours in 2021 aren't just going to be more artwork and design (the escape is sweet and beautiful) but creation of fonts too.

I'm ending this year encouraged and hopefully that I will continue to see the light in the end of the tunnel. Hope you my dear reader are able to as well! Lots of love, thank you for being such a lovely part of my journey as a creator. From a copy writer to tv anchor to a film journalist to a senior producer to a photographer, to a video editor, designer and now font maker. It seems there's no ending to learning and I'm raring to keep going!


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