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During summer I took two batches of YouTube classes. One was for kids teaching them editing and the other was a YouTube course for young entreprenuers. Both went well.

One of the requests I got during that time was to have online version of those classes. Now that task was a lot since teaching a live class is much more easier than recording each element. But I look up the task and since then its been pretty cool seeing the response.

The Video Editing Level 1 is mostly focused on school and homeschooled (no unschooled) kids and teaching them the basics of video editing. But this course is also a good basic course for anyone looking to get into video editing.

The YouTube Course is a more focused course that helps the students figure out their voice online, look at getting started on storyboard, an overview of shooting, a start to finish editing day as well as other ways to put their passion or brand on the map.

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