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Pie Scraps

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Once upon a time there were rejected scraps of pie dough. They hadn’t been used for the main pie and they felt rejected and purposeless. They were sitting in the freezer contemplating 'the existence of life' till the pie maker picked them up.

She began by giving them a new shape with her warm hands.

As the scraps of pie fused together with each other, they were excited to see where they would end up. The pie maker rolled the first batch and cut shapes out. “Woooohooo” exclaimed the batch which had been chosen to be the base of a brand new pie. The others were anxious, ‘We don’t want to go back into the fridge ... we need to fulfill our destiny,’ they felt. Then the pie maker fused the left lot again, rolled them out and cut strips of all of them. The dough liked this pie maker, she didn’t need a ruler she was just freely using every part of them. They felt privileged!

Then the pie maker added one slice of tomato, some basil and some homemade mayo mixed with cheddar mozzarella which she lovingly dolloped onto the base. The pie dough cheered, "We are going to be tomato pie today!!"

They slowly and meticulously found their place latticed onto the filling. They were gently bathed in beautiful egg wash. No pie scrap was left behind or thrown. Every part of the dough was used! They all had been finally chosen to fulfill their purpose.

They went into the hot oven 180C and fused within eachother and formed the most beautiful crust. ‘Ahhhhh — we have been used for the glory of pie!’ They sighed!

20 minutes later — the pie was all done. The pie maker was excited about the result and began putting them near the window light. She took out a phone and started taking pictures from every angle. The pie dough now cooked and in its glory gleamed with pride.

The pie maker then didn’t even wait to Instagram the picture she was so happy that she got a fork and did the final victory for the pie dough. She sliced a piece took a bite, burnt her mouth yet kept eating! The pie felt happy to have served so faithfully. It felt so much joy and purpose to be loved and not wasted. And finally when all the crumbs were picked up too. The pie dough heard a faint burp. And the pie was happy and so was the pie makers tummy. THE END.


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