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Thank you for the Privilege of your time: 2021

What a year this has been. I learned that continuous isolation can possibly breed creativity and finding your voice! What a year this has been.

Starting with art everyday, I learned that there's a direct connect to healing and therapy with art. I called it Art Therapy (which is actually a thing) and I kept talking about it through the year in my podcast Planetsang

In January I decided that I was going to take up the task of attempting to illustration my children's story "SWAMP FRIENDS" it was a simple bed time story that took like and became my first published book ever!

In all honesty I was learning as I went along, through tutorials I was a newbie trying something big. As the year progressed my daily drawing improved and I attempted to make my daughter another book. This one was a coloring book called Animals in the World. It captured animals doing human activities and it was meant to be an Anti Stress Coloring Book for Adults, Teens and Kids.

This year was also a big year for my husband and I as we celebrated our 10th Anniversary as we discovered was Tin (lol)! But we found our own way to make it fun! Inspired by Grant Wood I created a 'tin' version of the tin man! Fun stuff

Of course through the year I created a font, a procreate brush, procreate textured paper, but mostly I just did art everyday which I have realized really fine tunes everything!

Inspired by what I was learning I decided to start working on a HUGE task, illustrating birds and creating a Devotional/Prayer Journal for 2022. I've always been into diaries ever year but this really was a task and by November it got done (With a lot of help and feedback from family and friend). I called it My Journal 2022.

With my year, I learned a very valuable lesson, I am nowhere without the generosity of my parents, husband, family and the artists and teachers around the world who have taken the time to teach their craft. I loved how beautifully and generously artist share tips and tricks on YouTube and Instagram for free. I did join skillshare this year too and learned a heap from there.

Which is why I wanted to give back too so if you've come this far into reading this post (ha ha) congrats, you get a FREE desktop calendar based on the lovely 12 birds I illustrated this year.

And I'd really like to end by saying, nothing is impossible for you to do. Whether you're a kid, teenager, young adult, senior citizen, married with kids, whatever you are passionate about don't give up. I didn't, I never even knew how much I would love drawing until i was 41 and began drawing and rekindled my passion and imagine where it took me.

I love that this year along with youtube, instagram, I was able to learn on Skillshare and begin my journey teaching on that platform too. I did two courses, one was on creating music super fast on garage band.

and the other was a basic course on hindi alphabets, something I created to help my daughter learn hindi (mostly because hindi is our second language and its hard).

If you are interested in trying skillshare out, they give a free month plan you are welcome to try it out (I loved it) use this link to get your FREE SKILLSHARE trial

Of course on YouTube I did enjoy creating an Learn English series with handmade artistic GIFs (they were super fun) :

You can get a PDF workbook and coloring book :

Whoaaaa! Quite a year its been! I have no idea about 2022, but what a year 2021 has been. Thank you again for joining me in this journey. Thank you for your comments, your DMs, your what's app messages encouraging me and supporting me.

Hope you have a wonderful new year! Will catch you in the other side and Thank you for the privilege of your time.

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