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Pizza at Home

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

What you Need for the Dough (Pizza Flour, Yeast, Sugar Salt and Water)

Flour (Maida) Yeast (not blue bird though) SugarOlive oil : (2 litres)

Options of Dough I enjoy: Farina Dough ,

Once you have the dough in place (even with the first rise as instructions) all you need is light oiling, tomatoe pizza base, cheese and whatever topping you want!

Ingredient List (available online as well (affiliate links))


Luncheon Meat (chicken) (pork) You can also Tandoor Chicken or boil chicken depending on what flavours you'd like.

Jalapeños Sweet Corn Pineapple Olives

Going Pro with Pizza

To spice up your pizza game here a few products you may have seen on cooking shows. These can definitely help give your pizza 'pro status'. (I didn't talk about this in the video). Firstly, Pizza stones can come in handy because they hold up the heat more evenly (so the crust is more perfect) and help remove the moisture. A pizza rack comes handy if you're planning to go pro, Dominos keeps their pizza on that stand. A pair of heat proof gloves always come in handy too. These are great for barbecuing too.

Other than the amount you proof your dough and which toppings you put on your pizza, essentially you need a super hot oven! These tools (especially the stone) help give your final pizza that final finishing touch.


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