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Updated: Jul 12, 2019

So we're at week two of my YOUTUBE series called "Polariods" where I take pictures of random people at the beach and document my experiences.

My focus is mostly on Vasai-Virar beaches (Suruchi to Arnala). This first episode was shot in the evening at Suruchi Beach, Vasai. I thought it may be challenging to find people to shoot with but in Vasai everyone loves photographs. The second episode was at Buigaon Beach, I hadn't heard of this beach till recently. My first impression of this beach wasn't great but when I went for this shoot I really loved it!

So the journey continues catch all the Buigaon Beach action:

Here's the scedule

Suruchi Beach June 22nd 2019 (done)

Buigaon Beach June 29th 2019 (done)

Kalamb Beach July 6th 2019

Rajori Beach July 13th 2019

Arnala Beach July 20th 2019

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