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Practicing the Way by John Mark Comer | Book Review

Updated: Mar 2

If you’ve ever played the violin or been attuned to music you know if the violin string is off key even a little bit, it can turn a beautiful song into an unbearable experience. John Mark Comer’s book Practicing the Way is the tuner that we all need in our walk with Jesus. In this analogy (inspired by the many beautiful analogies he gives throughout the book) many of us can be and sometimes are out-of-tune violins when it comes to our faith. Some of us are almost there, some of us are playing our own song in whatever tune we have. But as a bible believing Christian who tries (and fails many times) to follow Christ, this book is the perfect auto tuner.  

The book helps you get onto your path in a very conscious and categorical way. What I really enjoyed was looking at the context and history of Jesus the Rabbi and what a privilege it really was for the disciples to be called by him (and what a privilege it is for us too).  

Every chapter is an insight with tools on why and how to come closer to Jesus. John Mark Comer’s approach to this is conversational and he takes you through this mind and helps you navigate how to “Be with Jesus. Become like him.” and “Do as he did.” This is also the tag line for this book. 

I loved the nine practices he goes through, Sabbath, Solitude, Prayer, Fasting, Scripture, Community, Generosity, Service and Witness. It gives you such an easy-to-remember check list to help you keep yourself accountable in your path. 

I enjoyed the ease of which there is absolutely no churchy “pressure” but a passionate implore where he breaks down ‘how and why’ this practice can benefit our lives as Christians not just who passionately know Jesus, but Christians who are struggling to follow Jesus everyday and people who don’t know Jesus yet. 

What stood out for me personally was how much he talks about taking to account the season you’re in, and do things in the way you can (“don’t fight against your season, work with it”). Because not everyone can be great missionaries leaving their homes and starting a new life like Amy Carmichael or William Carey. The book encouraged me to look at my life and see what my limitations are and how I can trim things off and add things to be a better follower of Jesus Christ. 

Not everything he speaks about can be applied immediately but the gentle way he takes you through the path, makes you want to try with baby steps at least. 

I know after reading Practicing the Way by John Mark Comer I’m starting to tune my violin closer to the sound its meant to be, and the best thing (thanks to this book) my fine tuned beautiful melodious harmonious music will bring me close to Christ and give glory to Him. I really enjoyed the book.  

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