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Updated: Mar 18, 2020

You're trapped at home, thanks to Corona Virus, here's a list for you to keep yourself sane during this period of 'social distancing'. The good news is that you're not really alone, cause most of the world is cut off and quarantined. What can you do?

Let's look at the positives here! You have elelctricty ✅ You have internet ✅

You have a home (hopefully) ✅ You have basic amenities like water ✅ , and food ✅ (you can stock up more if you want).

What else could you need during this phase where you're at home and you have nothing to do and you need to occupy yourself. Finding the right activities that you don't get bored out of your mind. So I played a game with my husband and daughter. I asked them to list out 5 (or more) things they would need if we were in an apocalyptic state (like this kinda feels like). My husband took an annoyingly long drawn practical approach (lol) and my daughter was brilliant, she quickly (literally in 3 seconds) gave me a list of things that she would need during this "quarantine" period in our lives.

My husband's first list was food supply, water, books, media and company which were all too general for this activity… (argh) I sarcastically told him, he forgot to put kindness in the list. So I made him redraft it and to my delight, his second list had specifics. His second list was excellent and real since I've been helping him make room in apartment to set up his workstation so I love number 1.

My Husband's 'Quarantine WishList'

1. Workstation - Table, Chair, Laptop, Printer, Wifi Router

2. Prime Subscription (cough, cough spousal affiliate plug) - which is good not just for boring days to watch content but also for groceries which come within a day (Prime Now).

5. Board Games - Monopoly (Grab and Go) (day will go by with this game), Chess, Taboo, Pictionary, Battleship, Scrabble,

6. Recliner - (he's using this excuse to get what he wants on other days as well)

7. Popcorn - Umm er ok

8. Musical Instrument to Learn a new skill: Violin, Piano, Keyboard, Mouth Organ, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet

My Daughter's 'Quarantine WishList'

2. Learn Marathi book: (because she's a (cough cough) suck up and wants to keep something on the list that would please her mother

4. School School Game Kit (not kidding) she likes school man!! Now there's no such specific game called School-School Game so I found some elements which help her in her School School game like a Roll Up Blackboard (yes its set in a village and smart boards don't exist yet), I searched for cane for beating kids and i got baking material so obviously Amazon doesn't want to support regressive School School. Let's do better, a Black board Easel , Chalk, and Chalk Board Eraser would Help. I did find a kid friendly sari in the fancy dress section. Or a Mother Teresa sari Other Educational games like Imagimake Mapology Puzzle, Skillmatics have these activity mats, Newtons Tree, Brain Games, Boredom Buster Junior, Boredom Buster Senior.

7. Times Table Chart (cough cough refer to Learn Marathi Book… ) Skillmatics, Flash Cards

8. Counting Minutes (this is really what she wrote) : Zingo time telling, Wooden Time blocks

10. Tickle Myself

11. Jump A lot

12. Make Music


Cheap Guitar: Juârez Acoustic Guitar ₹1990

or Expensive Guitar: FENDER ₹ 9899

I own this Guitar: KORT

Piano: a proper piano

A “touch senstive” keyboard: Casio ₹ 6,265

An inexpensive Mic Kit: ₹3999

A nice Violin: ₹6999

Clap Box Cajun (if a Drum Kit is too costly to invest in): ₹5349

9 Piece Drum Kit: ₹13,900

5 Piece Drum Kit: Mapex ST5295FIK Storm ₹65,100

Indian Instruments: Flute: ₹2100 Table (Brass) ₹5599 and Sitar

13. Make Memories

My 'Quarantine WishList' would probably be a Holiday away from these two (just kidding), I may dare be abstract like my husband would and list 1. Peace 2. Joy 3. Happiness 4. Laughter 5. Fun but can't get too much of that so… I actually have everything I need during a quarantine so I'm good.

Unfortunately or fortunately we all have been forced into isolation in a new phrase called "social distancing".

It also means everyone has to go back "home" and be the opposite of social distancing from their families because of "self containment" which for many may be a bigger adjustment.

But I do hope you all are safe! I feel like, many shifts in paradigms may happen now that everyone is forced to go home. The toilet flush may finally get fixed, the store room may finally get cleared! Years of conversations which couldn't happen because of 'busyness' may finally happen— so if its positive (I hope) being "contained" may be a good thing. One a different note for "working at home" people life doesn't change, its gonna get a little more noisy than normal— so wishing you all the best this week!

Stay sane (try to at least).


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