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Shah Rukh Khan and I

During my Filmfare days and even as a TV Anchor, this superstar used to make my day! I met him as a fan, I was on the dance floor with him awkwardly trying to match his step. Minutes later, he used my brush and lipstick for his Filmfare award photography with Madhuri and Karishma and I was floored and never used the hair brush ever again. It was kept safety through school until the brush disintegrated. Interviewed him as a TV anchor and he politely answered my 40 questions when I was supposed to ask only 3 (in those days there was time)! I shot him as a photographer and interviewed him in one of my final interviews for Filmfare. Highlight of my life!

My ode to Shah Rukh Khan who no one really would care about because I am not as special. But I'll share this, my husband endlessly tries to charm me the way you did all my life which turns any frown of mine into a smile!

Here's are a few excerpts from this journey:-


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