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Space for my Kid

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

In Indian homes we hold ours guests as most important.

Unfortunately my husband and I hardly have guests and I decided that the space ought to go to our most important person in the house, our daughter.

So starting from the holiday we started by giving her 60% of the house for her activities and painting (separate from her room) like a kid office where she can have her activities everyday.

I got this idea from look at a recent friends house where her whole balcony was dedicated to her kids. Where they would swing and read and have their own space. Made me think.

This video divulges more than just a beauty hack. Click on (9:03) I talk more about giving 60% not just during the holidays but as a lifestyle.

Then the idea came to doing Zoetopia which was mostly my daughter having a space where she could build her city where her toys could live. We haven’t started this yet but we are at the creation part (mostly cleaning up)

What was exciting about this was that she started to organise her kitchen neatly without us needing to tell her. I guess there is some logic to Spider-Man with power comes responsibility!

Fun stuff Ideas to fill your kids space: Hammock , stickers , Chalk stickers (I have this one), or colourful maps.

I’ll keep posting our journey in this. I’ve started a vlog series about mother hood too. This week I’ll expand on that. Will post that once it’s uploaded on Thursday.


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