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Ready-Made Summer Curtain Upgrade

Now I know in our economic times, it seems like an unnecessary indulgent to upgrade our home with changing weather — but we all do it unconsciously.

When the weather becomes cold, the warms come out — gloves, hats, heavy jackets. Unless of course you live in a mansion with walk in closets for all your clothes, most of us store our winter clothes in a box, trunk or suitcase. So once it gets warmer winter clothes get packed up and put back in storage. I do the same for the monsoon where rain wear comes out and summery outfits which otherwise are a disaster when they are wet. So monsoon is when the dark, easy-to-dry outfits come it. I even pack my jeans away during monsoon because they are the hardest to dry in Bombay rains.

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During winter, even if its Bombay (what winter?) my curtains were more festive and heavier — growing up in cold climates like I did in Mussoorie were fire wood would most in one area and you had to insulate intelligently so curtains in the cold climate are thicker material and keep the cold out.

So once spring and summer begin, cool air needs to come in freely into the home. This year, I upgraded our windows with linen & cotton curtains. I love Fab India but the prices are so high which I definitely cannot afford, so when I found the same/similar type of cotton and linen curtains on Amazon at a more affordable rate, I went ahead and upgrading for the summer. Now our home is is more airy and summer ready — but it definitely did not put a dent in my wallet.

Amazon prices keep changing so these prices are subjected to go up or down depending on sales and deals.

So here are the curtains I bought:

I bought two curtains from them and can totally vouch for their quality. I love that these curtains keep the house light and fresh but also are not transparent (don't want neighbours looking in do we).

If you're into mixing and matching these go great with Fresh From Loom Jute Eyelet Curtains (Blue, 7ft) - Pack of 2 Price: ₹ 834.00 If you have direct sunlight coming into your home, this seems like a nice cooling colour to remind you visually at least that you're cool!

If you're into faux silk then Home Furnishings Faux Silk Curtains (Brown) -Set of 2 Price: ₹ 849.00 have a great colour palette of reds, greens, blues.

I'm more into yellow and oranges and greys nowadays since my walls are blue, they bring out a great contrast. I bought this yellow which is the most perfect material and colour. However word of caution, you have to order two sets because you get only one curtain per order. It's still much cheaper than Fab India any day. Encasa Homes Window Curtain Plain Colour - Sunbeam Yellow - 1 Panel of (5 ft Long), Light Weight Pure Cotton Canvas, Light-Filtering Non-Blackout, for Living Room, Bedroom (Set of 1) Price: ₹ 798.00

For a more colour into your home, Linenwalas 2 Piece Hand Block Leaf Print with Maroon Border 100% Cotton Door Curtain (Set of 2) They have many colours and options. I'm posting a few incase you like them

White, Parrot Green - 7ft made and sold from the same sellers Price: ₹ 990.00

Linenwalas 2 Piece Hand Block Leaf Print 100% Cotton Door Curtain (Set of 2) - Black Leaf - 8ft Black and White: ₹ 990.00

Linenwalas Cotton Hand Block Paisley Print Door Curtain (Set of 2) - White,Blue - 7ft

Linenwalas 1 Piece Hand Block Blue Tree Print Cotton Long Door Curtain - Blue White - 9ft Price: ₹ 690.00

Linenwalas 100% Cotton Hand Block Textile Art Long Door Curtain Set - 9ft (Set of 2 pcs) - Cobalt & Powder Blue Price: ₹ 1,290.00

Linenwalas 100% Cotton Hand Block Mughal Damask Door Curtain Set - 7ft (Set of 2 pcs) - Ochre & Oive Green Price: ₹ 1,190.00

Generic Nikunj Fab Long Crush Polyester Blend Solid Door Curtains (Grey, 7ft) -Set of 2 Price: ₹ 444.00

There are plenty of curtains you could choose from, these are the ones I bought and have been added to my wishlist. This is how the curtains look in my apartment.

Hope this helps you keep your home cool this summer in a more affordable way. Let me know if this helped you.


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