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Throwing a Party | My Little Pony

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

My daughter's birthday are really one of the few highlights in our world. Her choice this year was My Little Pony. Now surprisingly through my discovery, organising a My Little Pony party was much more easier than I expected.

A little content, in my side of the world (Bombay, India) kids parties are commonly with Barbie theme, Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly theme, Chota Bheem theme, Hello Kitty, Nora and most Superhero's (IronMan). These kids brands are also what's available in common cheap areas near the station in Bombay suburbs areas or in South Bombay like Crawford Market.

But My Little Pony, isn't as popular so arranging a specific themed party needed much planning. That's where my discovery came about. Because a lot of my orders came from Ali Expressbecause it had the more cheaper costing products. And this year we really planned this one well. I went to Ali Expressas early as June and started budgeting the birthday celebrations.

Everything from the cup, plates, my little pony decorations, and other pinkand purplethemed decors, Zoe's my little pony jacket, dressand other giftsand the many of elements featured in the giveawaybag, all were preordered.

Whatever was left over I created. The food was sandwiches (tomato and mayo sandwiches, and guacamole sandwiches for vegetarians). For Snacks, popcorns coconut lollipops, Fruits (Zoe's favourite) and with the cake with had cupcakes as well. For the activities, we also had special tattoosand Pin the Pony except we twerked it to Pin the Pony game. Among the other games and the big hit the PhotoBooth were we had bought props and a backdropand the kids loved it.  5 is a big age (as all ages are) but it was a wonderful time to have old friends and new join us in our celebration.

The highlight was when Pastor Basil was going to pray and Zoe stepped in and said a prayer for everyone and the party entertainment the movie My Little Pony (new release) was watched by Zoe from start to finish without distractions.

Fun day!

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