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Momo's During the Lockdown

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I have grown up eating Tibetan momos most of my life because I grew up near a rich Tibetan heritage.

So on a dreary rainy day one mostly would crave your childhood comforts and Momo's are mine.

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There are many great mom recipes I have borrowed from over the years. If you just google Momos there are many videos available to educate you on the how tos.

Essentially you need a steamer, dough and meat. And what you do with that is where that magic happens. But nowadays there are many ways to make this simple steaming of dumplings easier. I love having liners in my steamer because my momo's don't get those dots in the bottom. In the market there are many steamer which comes in different tiers. If you have a big family then having at least two layers of steaming levels (like this Steamer (Aluminium)) would be helpful. But today when I was steaming the momo's I realised that for a small family doing a small batch was easier for me because I needed time to roll and assemble the momos together. So whole one batch of 6 is steaming, you roll your next 6 and then steam in batches. For that I use my trusted silicon stand (in the picture below) which works as a steam for veggies and momos. I love that the holder never gets too hot to touch and that I can use this steamer on my fancy pots without worrying about it getting scratched.

Once you have your steamer and tongs in place, my advice would be to first boil the water before you load your momo's into the steamers because water takes a while to boil (depending on your altitude) it should take enough time to make at least your first batch (of 6 momos).

From your local grocery store: Mince Meat (your favourite), with vegetable of your choice I loved chopped cabbage, carrot and onions in my momos. A little bit of salt and soya sauce with grated ginger and garlic are simple ways to prep your meat. Many make their meat integrate with flavours overnight but if you're not able to do that, that's also ok. The momos (or dumplings) are made with flour (you can add whole wheat if you're feeling like you need some healthy aspects, but refined flour tastes the best).

Videos which have helped me make momo's better from YouTube

Boiled Dumplings (Vegan):

VEG MOMOS (Varun Inamdar):

Pork Momo's Bong Eats :

Momo Wrappers Bong Eats:

Momo Chutney Bong Eats:

Shopping List

Steamer for 6 (stainless steel with silicon holders)

Bamboo Steamer (small batches)

Steamer (Stainless Steel) (small batches)

Parchment Paper (with Holes)

LARGE Steamer Aluminium (for a big family)

Large Steamer Stainless Steel (for a big family)

An Electric Steamer (three levels)

Stainless Steel Tongs

Local Grocery Store: Mince Meat (your favourite), with vegetables

Veg Momo Ingredients: Shitake Mushrooms, Tofu,

Rice Paper ( for Gluten Free Momos):

And incase you're feeling like, ah this is too much and I just want ready made momos...


Chicken: Ready Made Packets of MOMOS: CHICKEN (KOREA)


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