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Cost Effective Video Ring Light

I love those Madonna music videos there the videos would show this gorgeous ring light in her eyes. Most beauty shots and portrait shots look more professional once the eyes have a ring in them.

Buying a ring light is wonderful and I would always recommend having that in your collection, however if its something you can't really afford immediately and you're waiting for payments and you still have a desire to achieve this look, I've found a cost effective way to get your look but at a fraction of the cost.

The Ring Diffuser is great for creating those lovely rings in portrait shots and beauty shots. I bought a Ring Diffuser (for about 850Rs) on Ali Express, but I don't just use this as a photography light, in this video I give you a tip to using this Ring Diffuser as a Video Light too.

I am an ardent believer in the three light set up. However I must confess I end up using only two lights most of the time. One, mostly because I prefer shooting during the day so my main source of light is always the sun. And two because I find bouncing light gives a more even tone in the skin. I shoot people most of the time, and many people ask me how pictures are so beautiful abroad and not in India. Many think its the sun which shines differently there than here but its not true. I believe that most Indian photographers get so caught up with lighting that they never include the sun as a source (mostly because the sun isn't as easy to tame). But that's the key really to include the sun in your light set up saves you money and time.

Now that said, the sun also can be a little limiting certain times and that's when beauty lights and ring lights do something that the sun often isn't able to. It illuminates the face in a controlled way. So that's when investing in these kind of products help in portrait and beauty shots.

I find the ring diffuser so much more easier to lug at my shoots than a soft box because its keeping your equipment at the minimum. Investing in LED lights is really the way of the future they are not hot like the older lights and the are more controllable.

If You'd like to buy this Ring Diffuser 850Rs (11.19$)

If You'd like to buy An LED Ring Light 2187Rs (28.43$)

If You'd like to buy an LED light 960Rs (12.49$)


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