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1k Subs to Ranveer Singh Fan Art | from the Desk of Sang

So I've been battling viral for three weeks now, but the worse of it with fever and all got over in the first week. Thankfully even though I was bed ridden for most of it, I was able to do lots of fun activities especially for art.

So the biggest news this week was that my YouTube channel which I started in 2008 finally reached 1k subscribers!

Grateful for so many blessings

I started YouTube on October 15 2008 I wasn’t a serious YouTuber I still am not so diligent as other content creators. But I know I loved YouTube as an avenue of my creativity with the freedom to post my content made with love and so much joy. So after so many years getting this affirmation feels good. Thank you friends (that’s really who you all are) who’s supported me with love and comments all these years. I’m truly indebted! And for those curious 1k doesn’t mean you begin monetising it’s just a fun personal benchmark you only monetise when you get the views which I still don’t — which is ok because I understand my content is really niche! But so happy to share this personal milestone with you all!!

The Art I did this week was Calvin's gorgeous tutorials

As well as Rocky air Rani finally came on Prime and I was waiting to rewatch the Dola Re Dance which once I did there was no stopping me from creating art work with Ranveer Singh. (I especially enjoyed illustrating the costume and its pleats and shadows). This is also the first time I feel I've been able to draw a character close to life. I would credit the parting in his hair which really made his face stand out (inside scoop and secrets).

On a personal note, this week was my daughter Zoe's holiday. And to celebrate the 1K subs we went for ice cream (for her, not me) -- and discovered a fun Turkish ice cream guy who's does the tricks! The amazing thing was that we didn't know that Zoe has never seen this so it was brand new for her! What you don't hear in the video is me laughing with my husky lost voice (it sounded really funny and I was too embarrassed to add that, so I composed a new music track instead)

Thanks for reading through my updates for the week I'm really trying to restart blogging more. So you will be heading for me a little more (I hope).

with love, Sang

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