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I'm not really a fan of BB creams. my experience with them are that they leave you with a chalky patchy effect. This was of course my feeling years ago — but recently with the coming of new brands and new solutions BB creams have had a facelift.

I feel, with age, skin needs more breathing space and full coverage make up tends to me a little heavy and make my skin feel saggy. I wanted to see if I could get a full coverage BB cream which looked like make up but felt light as I was wearing nothing, and look no further because my search ended — now aside, there are super expensive BB creams in the market but the one I tried on is very economical and came with a Free Lipstick. Now I'm not endorsing any product here but it was nice to do this tutorial and see that it settled well.

But incase you would want the steps here they are

  1. Primer

  2. Eye Primer

  3. Corrector (my new found love for correctors to balance the skin)

  4. Concealer


  6. Powder

  7. Eye shadow

  8. Kajal

  9. Lipliner

  10. Lipstick

  11. Gloss

  12. Blush (very little)

  13. Coloured eye pencil

  14. Setting Spray


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