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Branches and Monsters

One of the most challenging parts of drawing the bird for me is drawing the branches. And this week I got a lesson on branches from a skillshare class .

So I decided to do a video (along with my project) on how I draw birds. It was a little different from what I learned in the class since that was more on pastels and I use watercolors most of the time. But really fun lesson.

If you're interested in taking this course, you can It's Jennifer's Pastel Birds class and here's the link : (you also get a FREE month with this link)

Of course I thought a change might be fun so I went the other way and inspired by a tutorial by emmy award winning artist (who won it for the game of throne titles) I made my first furry monster. I say first because I loved him and I wanna make him a family eventually!

He does look like the caricature version of my husband, which makes me love him even more! lol!

But aside that, my husband and I were all sick for the past few days, just getting back on our feet. I'm taking a little longer to recover, but we do have a good doctor who is helping us so that's also a relief.

Anyhow will catch you on the other side of February. I am beginning to dabble with urban sketching, lets see if I have anything significant to report! More later! bye!



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