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Brightening Things up at Home

Life is still on a stand still. For the past few days were tried getting out of the house and we were told that children under 10 couldn't enter shops. So we're still at home… isolated.

For the best they say, so I realised that brightening things at home so colours sooth you may not compensate for the blue sky and bright sun light, but it does keep things a little more up beat! These links are affiliate links, I may earn a percentage (at no cost to you) this goes to support my writing work, video and content creation online

So here's my round up of how you can liven up your home spaces in small ways

1: Linen Curtains I did speak about this in my earlier blogs. We bought these and are loving them. They diffuse a beautiful light into your space and make you feel positive, atleast it did for me.

You can pair these up with colours of your choice: we chose Turquoise Curtains for one room, Yellow Curtains for the kitchen and gradient greys for the living room. Black out Curtains are night for people working in the night shift! So for long windows I add a set of four curtains. Two dark toned at two ends and two light toned curtains at one end.

2: Wall Stickers: So I've seen these on Amazon and at stores around and never realised how cool they were. Recently we had a little wall paint falling off around our home and first we didn't really want to call a big contingent of workers into our home plus wanted to wait till after the rains were over. These became a life saver because we covered the chipping walls up with these.

I would otherwise advice using primer and then sticking them to the wall… but I got that advice much later! These are available in different colours too. As well as sticker options for sprucing up with Kitchen too.

3: CHALK BOARD: I've always had a thing for organising things and making lists and calendars. There are many different kinds of chalk board stickers for kids to draw and write on which can be put instead of those tiles (above).

I use these primarily as calendars and birthday reminders. It's a visual marker for us when the month begins and any important appointment birthdays meetings that we shouldn't miss. You can even stick them on the fridge.

4: Lamps: We really love yellow lighting in our home. The way it softens the mood as always great! I refer white lights for working and yellow lights for relaxing. Recently I bought a ring light for my online work and since I was busy we use in in the nights as a lamp. Love that it comes with three settings! But even know i realise that having a ring light lamp isn't "normal" having a lamp around the corner you sit at in the house can create a positive feeling space.

In our previous apartments we had lamps in every corner in the house be it in the living room, bedroom or office so you can tweek your lighting according. One tip is use LED bulbs which cut costs like crazy especially if you want that warm light effect. Incase your light is very bright, face it towards the wall so the light diffuses onto the wall and lights up your home.

5: Fitted Bedroom Linen: I know this is an odd one to talk about but our bedding matters. We received a bunch of lovely sheets during our wedding and we ended up using all our gifts till they worn out! Late last year I noticed that our age old sheets and pillow cases had the tear here and there. We bought a few linen bed sheets and pillow cases and this time I got to choose the colours and style.

One of the things I struggle with is changing sheets so we decided to invest in were fitted sheets. We were exposed to fitted when we were buying sheets for my daughters baby cot and loved the convenience of them. Getting colours which enhances your bedrooms can significantly shift your day into a brighter mood. We also replaced our blankets to a set of comforters per person. I realised that we never really invested too much in our bedding until we really need to — but this addition really made a difference, atleast it did in my space with my family.

A few tweeks in the way I cook food, keeping things lively and positive and finding ways to engage everyone in the family are just a few ways I help make life a little more interesting! Hope this has helped you.


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