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Camel Milk

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

If you've had an international upbringing like me or have had Nepali or North East Indian or Bhutanese friends you would have heard of the 'churpi' so Camel milk tastes like the liquid version of 'churpi'.

My first sip (without any sugar or flavouring) I would admit it's slightly salty but I think that about cow milk as well. What I love about this is that its thick and has so many benefits to improve health and its available in milk powder form on Amazon!

So one interesting aspect about ordering from Amazon are that many of the "conventional products" are no longer available. So that began my search for other projects which landed me onto exotic milk section.

Now I have heard of the Bedouin tribes and their alternative ways of life so this wasn't exactly breaking news to me. Of course getting it on delivered to my apartment from Amazon while I live in the red zone in Bombay was shocking!

There are two main sellers who are selling this milk in the market. One is Hye and the other one is Aadvik. There are others like Porta Bites who are delivering to Red Containment Zones (Bombay esp) but in other zones (like Green and Orange Zones) Nutra Vita also provides Camel Milk.

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Benefits of Camel Milk are all over google, but I'll take you through a few key ones.

1. Lower in saturated fat

2. Natural pro-biotic ( assists healthy bacteria growth in the gut)

3. Easy to digest

4. Improves Gastrointestinal Health and Immunity

5. Rich in Nutrients - Vitamin B1 (help with mental function and metabolism), Calcium, potassium and phosphorus

6. Helps maintain a healthy blood pressure (reduces risk of stroke)

and other findings you are welcome to explore in detail.

Once I researched about it, I realised that its very common in many parts of the world and it may seem strange to take your first sip but a few sips later, it tastes just like milk.

The cool thing is that you can use this milk as you would cow milk. In your tea and coffee and shakes. There's even Chocolate flavour version.

It's definitely not cheap I paid 650₹ for 200g (the package price is 700₹) but this makes 2.5 litres of milk and the best part is that you can use a little powder everyday. Once opened, just because it was costly, I stored it in a cool dark place (FRIDGE). After having my first try, I definitely would recommend it especially for its health benefits and it feels nice to have something exotic in the pantry.


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